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Grand Style Women's Club has some good advice on buying a car that accommodates fat drivers and passengers.

What models of cars work best for big folks?

Cars some big folks love (reprinted from

Most car manufacturers offer seat belt extenders to make it possible for supersized people to safely buckle up. Honda and a few others don't. Elizabeth Fisher has created this web site to spotlight the campaign to persuade these companies to do the right thing by their fat customers--or to get the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require it!

Fat Traveler newis dedicated to providing quality travel resources and tours to fat travelers. Their site features upcoming travel books and tours organized around the special needs of fat people.

Grand Style Women's Club has also gathered some good resources for fat air travelers:

Airline Tips For Large Passengers (reprinted from NAAFA)

How can I make traveling on an airplane more comfortable?

Once you know the type of airplane you're flying (and most airlines' websites give that information on your reservation) is a great site that can help you choose a seat location with the maximum space and comfort. Airline Seat Maps is another site that has links to airline websites where you can check out their seat arrangements for their various types of airplane.

If you fly often, and you don't like asking the flight attendant for a seat belt extender, Extend-IT can sell you a set of FAA-approved extenders that fit the belts in virtually all domestic, international, private jet, and general aviation aircraft.

Southwest Airlines has for a long time had a reputation for treating fat passengers badly, but in 2002, they made it their official policy. Here's what one passenger had to say about it.

If you use a motorized scooter to get around, long-distance travel can be a challenge--you can't just stow your scooter in the overhead bin on an airplane! But ScootAround can help, offering rental scooters (including high-capacity models) at over 500 locations across North America and around the world.

Grand Style Women's Club's What theme parks are comfortable for larger bodies? covers parks all over the United States.

Disney World at Large is another great site for big folks planning to visit Mickey and friends in Florida.

Freedom Paradise once billed itself as "the first and only size-friendly vacation club in the world." They said that their hotel focused on satisfying the special needs of plus-size tourists, offering a friendly and non-discriminatory familiar atmosphere, comfortable furniture and airport transfers. They seem to have dropped most of that language from their advertising, so it's hard to say how fat-friendly things are there these days. They're located on the Mexican Caribbean Peninsula of Yucatan, about an hour and 15 minutes away from Cancun. Tony and I decided to give them a try in December 2003, and what we found was...a little mixed. Here's our report. Overall, though, we had a great time there!

Big Adventures offers scuba diving trips for plus size women and their allies. They say their trips provide opportunities for women to take on a new challenge in a supportive environment while also developing a sense of community with other women through a set of shared goals.

The AmpleTraveler is a compilation of the travel experiences and expertise of the following three people and one cat. They give special attention to the needs of fat and disabled travelers, reminding us "There is room for everyone."

There are some good resources online for disabled travelers that have a lot to offer to fat travelers, whether or not you consider yourself disabled. A wheelchair-accessible room, for example, can offer the extra space you need to be comfortable, even if you don't use a wheelchair. If you're worried about being able to keep up, a tour that's designed for people with mobility challenges may be just what you need. Here are some sites where you can find tips and reviews shared by other travelers; tour providers and travel agents that specialize in travelers with special needs; info on accessible accommodations on hotels and cruise ships; where to buy or rent equipment; and much more.

Gimp on the Go

Access-Able Travel Source

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Southwest Airlines:  STOP discrimination against fat people.

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