Other Cool and Useful Merchandise for Big People

VoluptuArt newbrings you art and gifts that will inspire you to celebrate your voluptuous body.

chunkEbusiness has all sorts of fat-positive gifts and goodies--ceramic kitchenware, holiday ornaments, soaps, t-shirts, and much more.

Amplestuff sells all kinds of products to make life easier for fat people--mobility aids, extra-large hospital gowns, airline seatbelt extenders, hygiene products, fanny packs with extra-long belts, extra-large clothes hangers, and more.

MySizeUSA.com new"Where bigger really is better." They carry over 260 oversized products including seat belt extenders for cars and planes, extra large hangers, jumbo key keyboards, high-capacity bikes and trikes, heavy-duty furniture, and more.

Oversize Solutions newoffers all sorts of household items in their heavy-duty commercial-grade form--"Bigger, Wider, Stronger, Better!"

LivingXL proves that fat people are a big, under-served market--now even the big corporation behind Casual Male XL is getting into the act and selling other merchandise made for us! I'm listing them here as a convenience, but I recommend that you check the smaller, one-off, non-corporate sites listed here first. Most of them tend to be more supportive of the size acceptance community, and deserving of your support in return.

Comfort House products that make life easier and more comfortable, including specialty items for people with mobility and reach limitations

Comfort Channel is another company that carries a variety of products geared at comfort, accessibility, and mobility.

Modern June sells retro goods for the hip home--including gorgeous, colorful oilcloth aprons, made to your measurements, that keep you tidy and stylish in the kitchen.

Tony and I recently went mattress shopping, and we learned a lot about beds for big people in the process. Here are some of the sites where we found some useful (even if occasionally contradictory) information:

Are Temperpedic Mattresses Recommended For Heavy People? new
Mattresses for The Overweightnew
MattressBlog: Plus Size People new

AbsoluteComfortOnSale.com sells the Comfort Max 300 and 400new mattresses, which they say are designed for heavy sleepers.

WideBodies Furniture makes "luxury seating for big, beautiful people"--sofas, love seats, and chairs in a variety of styles and fabrics

LiftChair.com makes a recliner chair with a lift seat (for people who have trouble getting up unassisted) with a weight capacity of 700 lbs.

These companies carry office chairs and other workplace furniture with wide seats and high weight capacity: Herman Miller, OfficeDesigns.com, BizChair.com, Blue Hen Office Furniture, LuxSteel, and Big-Office-Chairs.com

And if you find that you quickly wear deep ruts in your cheap plastic chair mats, Chair-mats.com makes several heavy-duty styles

The folks who make the Grand Adirondack Chair say it's the only Adirondack Chair specifically made for the larger population. They say it supports up to 500 pounds with ease, and it folds for easier storage and transporting.

KoolestProducts.com makes wide and sturdy folding chairs and accessories, among them the MaXXdaddy Monster that supports up to 800 pounds.

The Walkstool is a very small, portable Swedish-made stool that can support a load of over 700 pounds. Amplestuff.com has them in the U.S. Fat people who've tried them report they're adequately comfortable at least in short stretches, and provide a good option for someone with mobility limitations who needs to rest periodically when walking longer distances.

Another option for lightweight, portable seating that can hold a fair amount of weight is the Sport Seat. It also has its fat fans.

And for yet another type of seating specially designed for generously-proportioned backsides, the Big John Toilet Seat "has a larger, more comfortable opening and a luxuriously contoured sitting surface that is roomier than any other toilet seat on the market"--and, it's rated at over 1,200 pounds!

WingIts makes sturdy, high-capacity fold-down shower chairs, grab bars, and other bathroom accessories.

Heavy Duty Bathroom Aids features items designed for big people who need a little help with some of their daily activities.

Personal Touch makes inexpensive hospital gowns in sizes up to 10XL. Bringing your own sure beats depending on the hospital or clinic to have one that fits!

People with mobility impairments have to deal with enough barriers already--and if they're also fat, it can just multiply the problems. Some sites that can help with finding wheelchairs and scooters built for people of size include 21st Century Scientific, Wheelchairs of Kansas, and WheelchairJunkie.com.

ConvaQuip has medical equipment designed for fat people.

Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks helps you get around with security and style.

The Liberator Wedge and the Liberator Ramp are pillows designed to enhance sex and facilitate different sexual positions--and they come in plus size versions! They've been recommended by people I know for getting around the problem of bellies that get in the way.

The Compass Institute's LuvSeats are another potential workaround for some of the difficulties fat couples encounter with some sexual positions.

You don't want to be crowded on the last ride you'll ever take. Goliath Caskets specializes in heavy-duty oversize caskets, allowing fat people to be buried with the dignity and security we deserve.

It's hard living in a world built for average-sized people when you're fat, but it's just as tough in many ways if you're unusually tall. Tall Paul's Tall Mall carries all kinds of products built to accommodate tall people--furniture, bedding, office products, gloves, and more.


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Updated 1/6/08