Fat Art and Artists

NOTE: Some of the sites below include some nudity. They aren't porn sites--the subjects are depicted in an artistic and tasteful manner. But if you prefer not to see people's naughty bits in any context whatsoever, it might be best if you skipped this section.

Women En Large is the web site for the book of the same name, an incredible collection of nude photographs of strong, courageous, powerful, elegant, handsome, fat women. And now, photographer Laurie Toby Edison has published another book called Familiar Men, featuring male nudes of all shapes and sizes.

Frédéric Neema is a photojournalist who created this wonderful series of photos titled Proud To Be Fat: The Big Beautiful Women.

Substantial Beauty is a fine art photography site celebrating the beauty of larger women.

Leonard Nimoy is a man of many talents. Not only did he create an unforgettable character in Mr. Spock, but now he's doing fine art photography--including this amazing series on fat women, called the Full Body Project. Here's another site featuring his photographs, this time from an exhibition titled Maximum Beauty. And here, in Girth and Nudity: A Pictorial Mission, Nimoy shares his own thoughts about his photographs with the New York Times.

James Stanley Daugherty is a photographer and digital artist who observes that "Some of us just happen to be Above Average."

I wish I spoke French, so I could get a better understanding of the MOZAIK Curves project. As best I can tell, they're inviting curvy women to participate by sending them nude or semi-nude photographs of themselves, with the word "curves" written on their bodies. The ones they're displaying are gorgeous!

The Century Project is a chronological series of nude photographic portraits of women from the moment of birth through one hundred years of age. The subjects--women of all shapes, sizes, physical conditions and abilities--are photographed with warmth and dignity in a way that brings out their individual personalities and life experiences.

The Beauty Curve features gorgeous images of one fat women in through the eyes of different photographers, painters, illustrators, and other artists. It has quickly become one of my favorite fat art sites!

Nation of Size bills itself as the size-friendly video network, and features videos that maintain a positive focus and spotlight people of size and the issues we face.

Les Toil is an artist who appreciates the fuller female form, and translates it into the style of classic pinup art. You can see some of his past work here, or find out how you, too, can become a Les Toil Pinup Girl!

You've probably seen Coop's work--on tattoos, stickers on cars, t-shirts, or other unconventional places. Some of his ladies are genuinely fat, and some are just fantastically buxom and curvaceous, but one thing is certain: you're never going to see women like Coop's pinups on the cover of Vogue. It's their loss!

Jill Haney-Neal's Wild (But Tasteful) Women are a fun, sexy, curvaceous bunch!

Ianardo is another artist who appreciates big women, and celebrates them in Ianardo's BBW Art Gallery.

Alberto Godoy is a Cuban-American artist who celebrates Latino cultures and experiences--as well as the plump, charming figures that reflect his philosophy "of the natural perfection in the spherical system of our universe."

Big Diva features paintings, prints, and other items by a talented artist named Wyanne.

T'Rina has done some gorgeous drawings of fat women.

B-Enhanced "This Web page is dedicated to the fuller figure and those who appreciate the special women who possess it."

Heinz Guth paints beautiful nude portraits of sexy fat women.

Robert Dickerson's Large and Luscious BBW Art Gallery features his portraits of sexy supersized women.

Kim McDonald is a Hawaiian artist who paints island scenes, including some very voluptuous island beauties.

Beryl Cook is an English artist whose work features fat, fabulous women. You can get them here on calendars, cards, and limited edition prints.

Scarlet_BBW Art Gallery features the art of JNESS--BBW illustrations, BBW erotic art, even BBW superheroes!

*fattie features the sexy, fat-positive art of Jodee Rose.

Goddess Songs is a site featuring the paintings, animations and writings of Diana Lee.

Moonspheres features the art, photography, poetry and music of Laura J. Judd.

The Judgment of Paris features beautiful big women, from photos of contemporary plus-sized models to paintings and sculpture all through the ages.

Larry Dempsey Illustrated is the official website of professional illustrator Larry Dempsey, featuring photo-realistic renderings of celebrities, movie characters, and various portrayals of nude women, in media ranging from ink and pencil to watercolor.

Hilda was a character created by artist Duane Bryers to adorn a series of calendars, drinking glasses, playing cards, and art prints in the 1950s and 60s. She's a classic sexy, cheesecake pinup, except for one thing: she has way more curves than most conventional pinup girls you've ever seen!

Glass Tapestry Artworks features original art and design with a whimsical, humorous flavor, reproduced as prints, posters, clothing, accessories, housewares, and more.

It's not just fat people that are beautiful--fat cats are, too! Yuckles has some great art prints and photos of that prove it.

Leandra Spangler created the Paper Doll Book as a tongue in cheek response to the discrepancy between her preteen ideal and her 40+ reality. Fashioned after the Venus of Willendorf, the Paper Doll Book contains a die-cut paper doll, seven outfits to cut out (swimsuit and sun hat, shortie pajamas and robe with fuzzy slippers, cowboy outfit, tutu, evening gown with wrap, garden party dress and wedding gown with veil) and eight backdrops.

Living Large Creations features lovely fat women in shimmering stained glass

The Venus of Willendorf and her voluptuous prehistoric sisters date to a time when figures of fat women were venerated.

Reva Myers' Amber Moon Gallery features her gorgeous carvings of voluptuous earth mother forms in amber, fossil ivory, antler, and jet.

The Isabella and Friends collection features sculpture and jewelry based on lovely, curvaceous female forms created by Dari Walker.

The Real Women Project is a series of sculptures that unveils and celebrates the diverse beauty of women. These nude statues and the accompanying poems feature women of a variety of ages, sizes, and physical appearance.

Mudd Women Lovely and affordable statuary of fat nudes by Joyce Mudd

Ama Menecnew is a British sculptor specializing in Goddess imagery, including some wonderful, fat, abundant Goddesses.

Sacred Source carries statues of deities from cultures worldwide, many of them in the abundant tradition of the Venus of Willendorf.

Ramon Lago's sculptures celebrate the nude forms of "older men of significant girth."

Zio Polipo's Chubby Gallery also features gorgeous artworks of fat, sexy men.

Big Dance is a Victoria, British Columbia modern dance troupe made up of fat dancers. They have performed before enthusiastic audiences in the US and Canada.

Cuba's Voluminous Dance is another dance troupe made up of fat dancers.

Russia's The Big Ballet is a troupe of dancers weighing in at a minimum of 220 pounds each. They've been described as "sinuous, flexible and graceful" while performing a collection of classical and modern ballet pieces.

Big Moves is a San Francisco-based organization that sponsors dance classes in a variety of genres and hosts discussions and video screenings that address the issues of size and weight diversity in dance. On the performing side, Big Moves' mission is to bring larger dancers out of the margins of the dance world by commissioning works that utilize their unique strengths, and by producing events that explicitly feature larger dancers.

Belly dancing is a lovely art form and a wonderful, fat-friendly form of exercise. Belly Dancing For Full Figured Women features photos, videos, costume ideas, links, and much more.

Saqra is a wonderful, fat-positive bellydance teacher and performer, based in Kent (near Seattle), Washington. She also sells dance supplies, jewelry, and more.

Fat Chance Bellydance is a studio in San Francisco whose dancers perform around the world. The studio also sells costumes, music, videos, and more.

Big Burlesque calls itself "the original fat-bottom revue...where all the strippers have sexy, fat bodies, bodies with curves and flesh to tease and tantalize...a burlesque show with enough for everyone!" Here's a story on them from KQED -TV's website, with a video of a performance.

This short video on Big, Beautiful Burlesque new, made for the National Sexuality Resource Center's website, features more gorgeous performers from troupes like Chainsaw Chubbettes and Harlem Shake.

The Botero Sisters are a pair of fat, sexy performers in Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas production "Zumanity." According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, they demonstrate "big really is beautiful."

The Padded Lilies are a synchronized swimming team made up of fat, fabulous women.

If you ask any Sumo fan, they'll tell you it's not just a sport, it's an art. Sumo Colosseum is a great place to start learning more.

Candye Kane is a self-described fat, bisexual welfare mom from East L.A., a former stripper and adult model, an outspoken feminist and a fat activist, a Tupperware lady for the new millennium, one HELL of a blues singer, and a major talent in my pantheon of goddess-heroines.

The Glamazons are a sexy, size-positive cabaret act. New York's Gay City News did a great story about them called "Support Your Local Fat Chicks". They appeared on NBC's America's Got Talentnew in 2007 and wowed judges and audience alike.

Qian Jin Zu newis a quartet of Chinese singers whose name is a play on words. One meaning refers to a courteous expression for another person’s daughter or, in ancient times, a thousand pieces of gold. But no one who sees the band perform can mistake its second meaning: 1,000 jin, a Chinese measurement that would translate to just more than 1,000 pounds. Confident, sexy and talented, the members of the group hope to change stereotypes and bias against fat people, in China and beyond.

In "Skinny Women Ain't Hip" (on the album Doublewide and Dangerous), Trailer Park Troubadours sing "They call 'em supermodels, but I'll tell you what/The model ain't super if she ain't got a butt." Words to live by in my book!

Israel Kamakawiwo`ole was a native Hawaiian singer with the voice of an angel, and a fat man who lived with dignity and pride. He died in 1997, at the age of thirty-eight--far too soon. Here you can find a site created as a tribute to the man and his music, a fan site with lyrics to some of his songs, the music video to his version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and a site where you can buy his CDs.

Cass Elliot was another amazing talent who left us too soon. Her official site, created by her daughter Owen, has some gorgeous photographs and a great interview with her, done about a year before her death. This tribute page includes a good biography and a discography. And if you're still buying the one about her dying from choking on a ham sandwich, the Urban Legends Reference Page has news for you.

Lynne Murray is the creator of Josephine Fuller, the smart, tenacious, resourceful, fat heroine of two (so far!) terrific murder mystery novels.

If you're a fan of romance novels, Rubenesque Romances specializes in books with large-sized heroines.

Another author of romance novels with BBW heroines is Pat Ballard. You can find out here about her books already in print as well as her upcoming publications.

La Nell Guiste describes herself as "a foul-mouthed bisexual, porn lovin' feminist, and Miss Piggy aficionado." She's also a wonderful poet!

Plastik video clip is a fat, sassy, sexy French cartoon who knows what she's got, and boy, does she work it!

YouTube is full of surprises--including this fabulous video for Lo-rider's tune "Skinny." video clip

Okay, some might say it's a stretch to call it "art," but CBS's late, lamented Saturday night cop show Martial Law has a place in this category, at least on my web site! It stared Sammo Hung, a short, fat, butt-kicking martial arts expert who demonstrated week after week that fat people can be fit (and in his case, can wipe up the floor with cocky, buffed bad guys who insisted on underestimating him). Let's hope we'll be seeing more of him!

Another TV star who puts across a fat-positive message whenever she can is Camryn Manheim. As a lead in ABC's The Practice, she created one of my all-time favorite moments in television at the 1998 Emmy Awards. When Camryn went up to collect her Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series award, she held the statue high and yelled "This is for all the fat girls!" The fat girls thank you, Camryn.

Jorge Garcia is only one of the reasons that so many people tune in to Lost every week, but for a lot of us, he's a big one!

Dawn French is a British comedian and actress with a fat positive point of view and talent to spare.

The Two Fat Ladies--Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson--were unlikely television stars. They rode around the British Isles on a vintage motorcycle and a sidecar, discovering and glorying in the most delicious, decadent and caloric foods they could find. Here Mecca Ibrahim discusses their appeal.


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